Feeding and bedding machinery solutions to suit every farm.

Bedding and feeding are an essential part of everyday farm life, especially during the winter months when livestock are housed indoors. Ravenhill wants to help you find the perfect machinery to meet your requirements and ensure your daily routine runs smoothly.

Working closely with our suppliers; Kuhn, Spread-A-Bale, and Wessex International we can offer a feeding and bedding solution to suit every farmer's requirement.


Proudly supplying KUHN's innovative selection of feeding and bedding machines for a number of years, their range spans from trailed and self-propelled TMR mixers, straw blowers and feeders, silage feeders, and stationary TMR mixers suitable for all types of farming enterprises. Available in a variety of models and capacities to meet the most demanding of needs the KUHN range covers all bases for keeping livestock fed, content and in clean housing conditions.

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Provides livestock farmers with an easy solution to – bedding and feeding straw, hay, and haylage.

Spread-A-Bale offers a unique operation that can be customised to suit your building, handler, bale size, and density. Unlike other mechanical blowers and spreaders, Spread-a-Bale’s spreading rotors gently accelerate the product, they tease the bale apart and throw it with minimum dust generation.

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Further details of the Spread-A-Bale range are available here.

Wessex International

Spreader and Bale feeders are designed to distribute straw evenly. Versatile and suitable for attaching on to current machinery they are convenient and simple to use and maintain. The Wessex Crossfire straw spreader is unlike conventional straw choppers as it spreads the straw in its baled length, with minimal dust and projectiles, and up to ten meters. Prioritise the safety of both the animals and the operatives on the farm with a bale feeder and straw spreaders. Saving you time, money and waste.

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Further details of the Wessex International range are available here.

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