June Parts Pages

2 June 2022


Summer we are ready! It maybe hasn’t quite reached 20 degrees and brilliant sunshine yet but we know it's coming! Silage season is off and our Parts department is fully stocked with grass machinery parts from leading manufacturers and an extensive range of Silage wrap and covers. Available for delivery, we carry stock of; Tama Infinet, Tama Net Agri, Farmers Net, Rondotex and Topnet. Give us a call to discuss prices.

Keep livestock hydrated all year round and browse our wide range of water troughs available in a variety of capacities and the choice of concrete or plastic. Summer season means gardening! Each of our branches is stocked with a large selection of gardening tools, wheelbarrows, knapsack sprayers and weedkillers to tackle all the jobs around the garden.


Silage Tape

£5.00 + VAT each

Thank you for your continued support.

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