January Parts Pages

9 January 2023


Happy New Year! Normality resumes today, with all branches open as usual. We have lots to look forward to in 2023, and we are excited to see you all. 7

Our Ritchie stock has been replenished, and each branch has all the crates, ring feeders, gates, hurdles and bale crates. Everything you need to keep livestock fed and secure this winter. Contact us for prices.

With wintery weather conditions and frozen ground, ensure livestock have sufficient supplies of water and pick up all the troughs, pipe and fittings you need to see you through winter months. Melting snow and heavy rainfall can cause an excess of water in fields, stocking a wide range of drainage solutions from leading manufacturer Cherry Pipes Limited we have everything you need to help alleviate this.

Don’t let dark nights hinder your progress, check out our range of work lights, beacons, torches and trailers lights to make sure you are safe and seen this winter. Plus pick up a deal on our first offer of the month for 2023...

OFFER OF THE MONTH Wurth Ultra 2040 - £2.75 + VAT

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