March Monthly Leaflet

March 4th, 2021
March Monthly Leaflet

M A R C H 

Spring is in the air and we have never been happier to feel milder temperatures and see the evenings getting lighter.

This month we re focusing on Spring Cultivation and we take a closer look at the New Holland T7 Heavy Duty range, Seed Drills from Vaderstad and Levelling Rollers from Dal.Bo and Vaderstad.

New Holland T7’s HD range offer high horsepower tractors in a standard frame. Built in strengths they are designed for using the largest of ploughs and drills. We have two demonstrator T7.315 HD which will be available for demonstration, call your local Sales Specialist for further details.

Vaderstad Drills offer precision and reliability . The pneumatic seed drill “Spirit” carries out levelling, seedbed preparation, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. It is known to provide impressive precision at high working speeds on the field. Speak to our team to arrange a demonstration.

Outstanding Rollers from market leading manufacturers. Rollers in stock and available for immediate delivery.  

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