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31 January 2022


The north and north east of Scotland has suffered the wrath of some pretty disruptive weather over the past few days, in the form of Storms Malik and Corrie. With more strong winds forecast for today, we really hope to see these pass very soon and the lovely bright mild, sunny days return.

It's the time of year to tackle the fencing jobs ready for the new-borns as well as any storm damage that may of occurred recently. Each branch is fully stocked with Gordon Timber products including; posts, strainers, boards and Tornado; stock, plain, barbed wire fencing and staples.

Spring sowing is on the horizon and it is the perfect time to get your cultivation machinery prepared and ready for the season ahead. Speak to our team about all your wearing metal and cultivation parts for competitive prices and exclusive dealer discounts.

Ensure your livestock are getting all the hydration they need and check out our range of plastic and concrete water troughs. Available in various capacities suitable for indoor and outdoor use with fittings to match.

Don't let the birds get the better of your crops this season, view our range of gas powered Bird Scarers from Portek. Drop in past our branches for further details and prices. Plus don't forget to pick up a deal on our offer of the month an essential item right now!


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